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"Big Church"

In an article titled 7 Reasons to Bring Your Teens to "Big Church" for the ERLC, Josh Hussung gave these 7 reasons for why teenagers should be involved in the weekly Sunday morning gathering:

  • It is pictured in Scripture

  • It gives a fuller view of what the church is.

  • It allows the student to participate in all the activities the church is called to do.

  • It allows students to become acclimated with what it is like to be an adult at church.

  • It makes youth ministry supplemental, rather than the main thing.

  • They get to serve their congregation.

  • They get to see their parents sing.

I want all of our teenagers to be active in both our Sunday gathering AND our student ministry. Families should take seriously the time when their children and youth can hear the Word taught in an environment that is targeted towards their age group. Yet, parents should take seriously the time when you yourself get to worship alongside your children and set an example for faithful church membership and participation. This is part of your call as a parent: to teach and model what a faithful (not perfect) walk with the Lord looks like.

The article written by Josh Hussung can be found at this link:

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