Brother Kenny's September Newsletter

As you know, I’m a people person. Anytime I’m in my office, the door is open. And when it gets too quiet in my little corner of the church, I have to come out and “visit” with Karen and David periodically. I just don’t like being alone. So this time of social distancing has been hard. I miss seeing everyone each week. I miss choir practice – not just for the beautiful music we make – but the crazy fun we have together. And now August has come and gone without our annual Christmas Choir Retreat with its fun, food and games. This has indeed been a strange time for me.

And when we look at the New Testament we see Paul longing to be with God’s people. He yearns to be reunited with the Philippian church (Phil. 4:1). He can’t wait to see Timothy again and begs him to come soon (2 Tim. 4:21). John expresses the same thing at the end of his letters – “I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face” (3 John 1:14). As Believers, we are made for fellowship – for relationship with one another, and when that is disrupted, there is a deep desire to be together again. All of this is to say – I miss each of you. But I also want you to know that your staff members are only a phone call away. As I always say, “Holler if you need me.”

I hope those of you who can and are comfortable with it, will join us in person on Sunday mornings. Be sure to wave at me from your pew – that way I can be sure to give you a smile! Be sure to “stay connected” to one another as best as you can. We are going to get through this and on the other side of it I can’t wait for all the hand shaking, hugging, high-fiving and fellowshipping we will get to do around a table of food! (I’m going through pot-luck withdrawal too!) Until then – know that I love you and I miss you!

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