September Newsletter - Pastor David

We have some exciting events coming up this month for Pinecrest. There will be an evangelism training event September 11 @ 8am at Penia Baptist Church. We will eat a big breakfast at 8am. Tim Williams with Georgia Baptist will provide us with some basic evangelistic training (lasting approximately an hour). We will leave the training and come back to the neighborhoods around Pinecrest and go door to door. It will give us a great chance to get to know our neighbors and share the gospel at the same time. Please come and join us for fellowship and training.

Gideon Sunday is September 12th. We will have a Gideon representative in our service to give us an update on the Gideon ministry. We will also have an opportunity to support this great ministry. Come prepared to give financially at the end of the service.

Jack Fitzgibbons will be ordained during the evening service on September 12th. Jack is doing a fabulous job with our children and families. If you haven’t heard Jack teach on Sunday evenings, you are missing a treat. Come listen and get engaged in the study of the book of Romans on Sunday evenings. You will be glad you came!

The Youth are having an outing at the Woodard’s on September 18th. The Woodard’s are so gracious in allowing the Youth to come hangout at their house. If you are a youth, mark it on your calendar.

Pinecrest has a big surprise coming in November. Mark November 21 (both Sunday morning and night) on your calendar. You will be blessed enormously by being at church that day. God is preparing the fields of Cordele. A harvest is coming. Let’s get ready!

Pastor David

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