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The Elephant (or Mouse) in the Room

After Disney expressed open opposition against a controversial bill in Flordia, many parents asked themselves: "what do we do about Disney?" I am not here to tell you what you should or should not let your children watch. I trust you and your spouse's thoughtful discernment to make those decisions. However, I think Trevin Wax from The Gospel Coalition offers some insight into this situation. He says, when discussing the views Disney has promoted in their films:

"It’s not only the overt aspects of gender ideology that we ought to be looking for when we watch Disney movies, but also the subtle aspects of the expressive individualist philosophy that undergirds the sexual revolution. That is where the real and most urgent battle is fought. The belief that happiness will be yours if only you look deep inside, follow your heart, chase your dreams, and oppose anyone who would stifle your truest self—that’s the narrative storyline for most children’s films today."

What he is saying is that while Christians should be concerned about unbiblical gender views in children's entertainment, we should constantly be discerning what messages are being taught in our children's entertainment. How do you do this in your life? Do you watch what your kids watch and help them unpack what is being taught? Or do you simply hand them the remote or tablet and give them free rein over what they watch? TV shows and movies can be a useful tool for helping teach our children a Biblical worldview- if we use them wisely.

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